New mavacon dashboard offers even more features!

Seeshaupt | Munich, 27/11/2018

We are very pleased to announce that only recently two new software features have been added to the mavacon dashboard. The new functions concerning the energy metering will be available for all users of mavacon

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Jochen Schweizer makes greater use of energy efficiency with mavacon

Seeshaupt | Munich, 20/11/2018

In September 2018, mavacon, brand of livebaus sister company preussen automation, took over the monitoring of all electrical systems in the Jochen Schweizer Arena, the famous venue for fun and business in the south of Munich, in order to determine potentials for energy savings.

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AR experience of Kawasaki engine (1995) at EICMA 2018

Seeshaupt | Munich, 08/11/2018

At EICMA 2018, the three companies livebau smart electric, Visionaries 777 and Johann Kuhn Exponate present their special solution for companies in the motorcycle industry to showcase their engines in a very unique way, by letting the exhibits merge with computer-generated information (demonstrated in our video with a Kawasaki ZXR750 engine).

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