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Your future lies with livebau

And not only professionally: With us you will help shape the future.


Why you should join us

As a leading German specialist for control systems and media technology with the focus on lighting control and modern LED technology, we dedicate ourselves to the functional, contemporary and unique lighting of architecture. Our company’s roots reach back to the 1950s so that livebau combines tradition and highly modern technology. But even more important are the essential characteristics that define us as an employer:

über livebau

Easy-going & Unconventional

We have a laid-back, easy-going and friendly atmosphere amongst colleagues while always treating each other with a lot of respect. We have agreed to use the informal „du“ form when talking to other colleagues because it creates a familiar working environment. To further support a good working climate, we regularly organize events for our employees, like BBQs and other out of work get togethers so that everyone gets to know each other better. The Café Röstperle in our building is an ideal meeting point to hang out and chat a little bit after work. Additionally, we come up with fun tasks or games like photo-challenges or the very popular World Cup betting sweepstakes where everyone can win great prizes.


Dynamic & Versatile

No dying of boredom guaranteed! There is always something going on in our company, because we want to make a difference. Due to the high number of projects we have, working with us is interesting because your tasks vary a lot. However, you also need to be able to cope with new challenges and be willing to help where you can. Based on the large variety of our projects, we offer our employees good additional training opportunities and career opportunities, especially in the IT area. In order to keep everyone informed at all times, our employees receive the monthly in-house magazine SeeLive which provides important up-dates on the latest company developments.

Warum Sie bei uns richtig sind

Understanding & Considerate

Everyone should feel welcomed and comfortable. This is why we consider your personal life situation and try to meet your individual needs. A good internal communication and mutual support at work are very important to us. Moreover, promoting social projects is a major concern for livebau: We supported the project Inside@School of the “Stiftung München” foundation and the initiative “End Polio Now” with the goal to eradicate polio worldwide. Thanks to our very committed employees, we collected a lot of plastic bottle tops for this good cause.

Locker & Unkonventionell

Creative & Open-minded

We always welcome new ideas! Only when being creative and open, can the company reinvent itself continuously to be able to face the challenges of our time. At livebau, all employees have the possibility to bring in their own ideas and suggestions which allows them to actively contribute to the design of working procedures and their own working environment. The large and bright office space ensures a pleasant working climate and in the summer you will find a table and some chairs outside allowing you to enjoy the beautiful weather.


Erfolgreiche Spendenaktion für die Stiftung München

Seeshaupt/München, 17. Juni 2018

Als Ergebnis unser Weihnachtsspendenaktion überreicht die eventa AG – auch im Namen ihres Tochterunternehmens livebau smart electric – der Stiftung München einen Scheck in Höhe von 2500 Euro. Das Geld wird in das Projekt Inside@School fließen, bei dem Schüler, Eltern und Lehrkräfte zu schwierigen Themen beraten werden, wie Mobbing, Umgang mit Medien, Gewalt, Konfliktbewältigung, Gruppendruck, Stärkung des Selbstwerts, Alternativen zu Konsum und Sucht.

Mit Kunststoffdeckeln Leben gerettet!

Seeshaupt/München, 03. Mai 2018

Die eventa AG hat mit ihren Tochterunternehmen, darunter livebau smart electric, sehr engagiert Deckel gegen Poliomyelitis gesammelt – 500 Deckel bedeuten 1 Leben ohne Kinderlähmung. Obwohl die Krankheit in Deutschland als ausgerottet gilt, tritt sie noch in Afghanistan, Pakistan und Nigeria auf. Im Rahmen des „Deckel gegen Polio“-Projekts werden die gesammelten Deckel an ein Unternehmen der Abfallwirtschaft verkauft und der Erlös geht an das Programm „End Polio Now“ zur weltweiten Ausrottung von Polio.