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Smart lighting technology and lighting control

You are looking for the perfect solution for a lighting control system? Then you’ve come to the right place. We offer holistic solutions that are tailored to your individual needs.

Built-to-order solutions to suit your projects' needs for automated lighting systems

livebau offers customizable lighting control systems

If you are looking for a smart control solution for complex lighting systems, we can help you. “Impossible” is not in our vocabulary. We specialised on smart and dynamic lighting control systems that are built-to-order to suit exactly our customers’ requirements.
Should the lighting change throughout the day or week? Do you want a different lighting for just the weekends? Do you want for the lights to come on whenever someone enters a room? Are you interested in adaptive lighting that reacts to the day light for the ideal amount of light? We can provide you with energy efficient solutions that fulfil all your lighting needs. For example, once we developed a completely new app for the iPad in order to control specific devices requested by a customer.For our project „WWK Arena“, the German football stadium in Augsburg, the exterior lighting celebrates the victory of the FCA football club by changing its colour automatically and illuminating the whole arena in vibrant green after each game won.

We specialized on two types of lighting

Our range of services extends from outdoor lighting over light for retail, industry, the smart city to light for advertising purposes. The areas of application therefore include, amongst others, reception areas, shops and museums as well as offices and warehouses. For all projects, livebau works with high quality lighting technology, in all its imaginable aspects and technical implementation possibilities.

We offer two types of lighting:

Architectural lighting

Whether you are looking for a professional illumination of building facades, a welcoming and non-abrasive lighting in exhibition rooms or a creative lighting for artistic projects – we will ensure an atmospheric lighting, with the right lighting concept and a suitable lighting technology, that arouses emotions and excitement. The focus is on a dynamic and intelligent lighting control system that is easy to use and allows all desired visual effects and settings.

Image: © Sandra Sommerkamp | Swarovski Kristallwelten


Industrial lighting

Whether you want to light up an office or warehouse, we will provide you with the ideal solution to achieve a bright and even as well as energy efficient lighting. In order to simplify the facility management in large spaces, we have developed an app that allows users to control any luminaire in the room just by pointing your smart phone or tablet camera at it. At the same time, you can access important information like real time power consumption, the last maintenance check and all product details needed.

Our services

We would be pleased to take on the entire implementation of your lighting project – from the planning stage all the way through the programming, installation, assembly, activation to our subsequent supervision –, but we can also provide the following services individually:

  • • Consulting
  • • Development of an individual solution
  • • Planning/Project engineering
  • • Installation
  • • Programming
  • • Delivery/Supply
  • • Assembly
  • • Supervision

If interested, please contact us. Due to livebau’s long-term experience, you will be in good hands with your individual requirements.


Erfolgreiche Spendenaktion für die Stiftung München

Seeshaupt/München, 17. Juni 2018

Als Ergebnis unser Weihnachtsspendenaktion überreicht die eventa AG – auch im Namen ihres Tochterunternehmens livebau smart electric – der Stiftung München einen Scheck in Höhe von 2500 Euro. Das Geld wird in das Projekt Inside@School fließen, bei dem Schüler, Eltern und Lehrkräfte zu schwierigen Themen beraten werden, wie Mobbing, Umgang mit Medien, Gewalt, Konfliktbewältigung, Gruppendruck, Stärkung des Selbstwerts, Alternativen zu Konsum und Sucht.

Mit Kunststoffdeckeln Leben gerettet!

Seeshaupt/München, 03. Mai 2018

Die eventa AG hat mit ihren Tochterunternehmen, darunter livebau smart electric, sehr engagiert Deckel gegen Poliomyelitis gesammelt – 500 Deckel bedeuten 1 Leben ohne Kinderlähmung. Obwohl die Krankheit in Deutschland als ausgerottet gilt, tritt sie noch in Afghanistan, Pakistan und Nigeria auf. Im Rahmen des „Deckel gegen Polio“-Projekts werden die gesammelten Deckel an ein Unternehmen der Abfallwirtschaft verkauft und der Erlös geht an das Programm „End Polio Now“ zur weltweiten Ausrottung von Polio.