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Intelligent Automation and Smart Sense

We think beyond the limitations of single control systems and skillfully combine them to offer you the best automation solution possible.

Our solutions are limitless

livebau specialized on smart integration

KNX, DALI, DMX, RS232, RS438, TCP/IP, UDP….the number of protocols, standards and norms that are suitable for automation, measurement and control seems to be infinite. Due to our long company tradition, we have worked with almost every control protocol and realised that one single solution can barely ever cover all your needs, especially when dealing with complex projects. This is why we took a different approach and invoked an alternative way of thinking to design original solutions that incorporate the best parts of various systems.

Thus we have developed a lot of interfaces and modules to exceed the limits of single control systems. Our in-house design team produced such products as the “e:cue to SPS“-interface which combines modern DALI and DMX lighting controls with industrial control components to link moving objects with lighting scenes.

Smart Sensing is the key to a smart automation solution and therefore livebau smart electric decided to focus on quality over quantity: It’s not about measuring as many variables as possible but it’s important to measure wisely and to interpret the data correctly in order to transform the results into useful automation systems.

Our services

Automation should cover the needs of a project and not be limited to a producer’s portfolio. Tell us about your ideas and we will find the perfect solution.
We would be pleased to take on the entire implementation of your automation project – from the planning stage all the way through the programming, installation, assembly, activation to our subsequent supervision –, but we can also provide the following services individually:

  • • Consulting
  • • Development of an individual solution
  • • Planning/Project engineering
  • • Installation
  • • Programming
  • • Delivery/Supply
  • • Assembly
  • • Supervision

If interested, please contact us. Due to livebau’s long-term experience, you will be in good hands with your individual requirements.


Erfolgreiche Spendenaktion für die Stiftung München

Seeshaupt/München, 17. Juni 2018

Als Ergebnis unser Weihnachtsspendenaktion überreicht die eventa AG – auch im Namen ihres Tochterunternehmens livebau smart electric – der Stiftung München einen Scheck in Höhe von 2500 Euro. Das Geld wird in das Projekt Inside@School fließen, bei dem Schüler, Eltern und Lehrkräfte zu schwierigen Themen beraten werden, wie Mobbing, Umgang mit Medien, Gewalt, Konfliktbewältigung, Gruppendruck, Stärkung des Selbstwerts, Alternativen zu Konsum und Sucht.

Mit Kunststoffdeckeln Leben gerettet!

Seeshaupt/München, 03. Mai 2018

Die eventa AG hat mit ihren Tochterunternehmen, darunter livebau smart electric, sehr engagiert Deckel gegen Poliomyelitis gesammelt – 500 Deckel bedeuten 1 Leben ohne Kinderlähmung. Obwohl die Krankheit in Deutschland als ausgerottet gilt, tritt sie noch in Afghanistan, Pakistan und Nigeria auf. Im Rahmen des „Deckel gegen Polio“-Projekts werden die gesammelten Deckel an ein Unternehmen der Abfallwirtschaft verkauft und der Erlös geht an das Programm „End Polio Now“ zur weltweiten Ausrottung von Polio.